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Looking for an engaging and dynamic speaker for your conference, event, or training?  Audiologist & YouTube Influencer, Dr. Cliff Olson, has spoken around the world educating professionals on how to effectively incorporate Best Practice Audiologic care into their clinics & effectively educate consumers about hearing loss and hearing treatment.

"Dr. Cliff is a dynamic and energizing presenter. His insights provoked a great deal of reflection on the relationship between clinical branding and clinical practice.”
Adam Fitzsimmons, VP Sales & Marketing, Oticon Canada
“Dr. Cliff is invigorating and energetic presenter, one of the best I have seen. When he speaks people listen. Dr. Cliff's practical approach to the reality of our industry coupled with his insightfulness; captivated our members and left them wanting more. Looking forward to having him back at another event soon!”  
Deanna Serrano - Phonak
“Dr. Olson’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the Audiology/Hearing Specialist realm is very impressive. Not only did he give my colleagues and I a valuable perspective on how to run and manage a private practice but how to thrive in our profession without compromising the quality of care for our patient’s and customers."
Sam Ford - H.I.S. President - Mississippi Hearing Aid Association
“Best session I went to, got me excited to go back to the office on monday and implement changes in my counseling right away.”  
Audience Member


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