Dr. Cliff Olson

Dr. Clifford R. Olson is an Audiologist, founder of Applied Hearing Solutions and the Doctor Cliff AuD YouTube Channel.

About Dr. Cliff

Doctor Cliff Olson is an Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix Arizona. He is internationally recognized as Dr. Cliff AuD, due to his popular YouTube channel where he has over 1,000 videos about hearing loss and hearing treatment.

Dr. Olson's goal is to ensure that everyone with hearing loss has access to high-quality information so they can make better informed decisions about their hearing healthcare.

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Public Speaking

Looking for an engaging and dynamic speaker for your conference, event, or training? Audiologist & YouTube Influencer, Dr. Cliff Olson, has spoken around the world.

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Media Inquiries

Dr. Cliff has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Hearing Tracker, NPR, & a variety of other national and local news outlets.

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